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Selling/Buying Tips

Selling Tips:
  1. Arrive Early and bring someone to help with early shoppers and bathroom breaks. Keep your eyes on your booth and be aware of possible shoplifters.
  2. Bring Change in a apron or cash box. Watch your box or apron.
  3. If you bring an umbrella or canopy, please have something to weigh it down with Our location tends to get a little windy at times.
  4. On Hot Days, bring plenty of water or hydrating fluids.
  5. Have Grocery Bags and newspaper for fragile items.
Buying Tips:
  1. Pricing - Please do not get upset with someone wanting to haggle over the price. This is customary in some areas and one of the fun things of Flea Marketing.
  2. Returns - You may want to post a sign on your Return Policy.
  3. Have Fun! 
Market Hours

Open Every  Saturday & Sunday

Rain Or Shine All Year Round!

Saturday and Sunday

8am to 5pm

Office Hours
  Monday thru Friday by Counter or Telephone from 9am - 5pm (337-236-3532)
  Sunday at midnight thru Friday book online.
3011 NW Evangeline Thrwy
Lafayette, LA 70507